They Endured and Did Not Despair: An All Saints Meditation

All Saints

The saints lived as we did,
days of joy and of sorrow,
faith sometimes fought for,
doubt reasoned with,
suffering and injustices endured,
and yes, many failures,
yet they endured and did not despair
slowly growing in their trust of Christ Jesus,
diving deeper into the Mind-of-Christ,
until now they deeper in the kingdom
they are in union, one with,
Christ’s mind and intentions.
They are now fully human,
like Christ Jesus, for they now see him
as he really is, and transformed into Him.

They have his Will, his Love, his Desire
for the salvation of all.

Wherever Christ is, there they are,
beyond space and time
within God’s infinite moment
in which all moments are contained.

Not bound by one place,
but with Christ, in all places,
the Infinite-Center of all reality.


Brother Mark Dohle, now seventy, has been a monk of the Monastery of the Holy Spirit in Conyers, Georgia, since 1971. He runs the monastery’s retreat house. 


The illustration is Fra Angelico’s “The Forerunners of Christ with Saints and Martyrs” and is in the public domain.

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