Submissions are encouraged. Please read five to ten stories from the site to get a good idea of what we’re doing here. We want personal stories of your encounter with dying or death. We want writers to be as honest as possible — open and even vulnerable — and to tell the story they have to tell. Do not feel that you have to have an answer or wrap the story up nicely. We recognize the pressure to prettify the story, but readers will be more moved and helped by your honesty than by any lesson you might force your story to carry.

Word length: 500 to 900 words. Both limits are flexible but not too flexible. Longer submissions may be edited down to the upper limit.

Subject: Again, we want personal stories of an encounter with dying or death. Writers may make an argument or present a teaching, but only when justified by the story. The story comes first.

Target reader: Most readers will be Catholic, but other Christians and people of other faiths or none will be reading the articles on the site. Most readers will be looking for stories from people who’ve been through the same experience.

Promotion: We actively promote our stories through our social media presence. We ask our writers to do the same.

Payment: A small honorarium is given.

Process: Please send your submissions to: . You should receive a response within two weeks. If you don’t, you may certainly follow up.