I Can Offer My Own Sadness

Last night before bed, I was sort of dreading today because it was this day two years ago that I lost my baby, Mary Francis. I was really feeling the sadness again. Then, scrolling through Twitter, I saw a tweet from someone I do not know at all.

He and his wife had just lost their baby boy at thirty-eight weeks of pregnancy due to placental abruption. Their beautiful, healthy, ready-to-be-born baby is now dead, and instead of bringing him home to his crib, they will be burying him.

I know we shouldn’t compare griefs and sorrows, and I know I’m entitled to grieve my little child whose face I never saw, but this still stopped me up short. My heart broke for this couple. I can’t even imagine their pain.

So all I can do is offer God my own sadness today, for them and their son, in some kind of solidarity even though they don’t know me. I know my grief pales in comparison to what they are going through. May God comfort them and sustain them, for only He can.



Jennifer Hartline is a senior contributor to The Stream and has been published extensively at Catholic Online and at Catholic Stand. A proud Army wife and mother of four children, she is studying theology at Holy Apostles College and Seminary. You can read her other articles for Hour of Our Death here.

The picture is by Susulyka and used under a creative commons license.
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