Corona Stories: Making Peace With the Possibility of Dying

I sincerely hope people start making peace with the fact that we cannot control the outcome of this pandemic. No SARS vaccines have been viable in the last seventeen years. One may be found for this one, but there’s a good chance it won’t. That means herd immunity is our best shot, which means we have to start making peace now with the effects of the disease.

And that means we must truly see with the eyes of supernatural faith. People have struggled to understand why my husband and I are not freaking out, even though he is immunocompromised with a rare lung disease. We already knew that things would become more dangerous as time goes on.

We Made Peace With God

We made peace with it. God gave us that grace before this pandemic started. We lived the fear and panic the first eighteen months of his illness. It is a soul-sucking waste of time and energy. It comes from the Enemy. Life and death are up to God. That doesn’t mean my husband’s going to take unnecessary risks, but it does mean we are going to live our lives.

I hope and pray that his witness of strength, peace, and trust in Christ helps others turn to God. One friend told me the other day that it has helped her immensely to see us calm about it. A lot of people want us to freak out. But fear destroys us and I won’t play into it because others expect us to be afraid.

We will be at the first Mass we are able to attend. The Sacraments are the single most important things in this life. We can’t wage the spiritual battle before us for long without them. The spiritual is higher than the body. Christ commands us not to fear what can kill the body, but what kills the soul. The Sacraments are our lifeline.

The saints understood this well, even if it meant considerable risk to themselves. I want to be a saint, even though I’m weak, broken, sinful, and mess up constantly. The saints are the ones I’m looking to as examples to follow. They will help all of us summon courage for these dark days. We will need it. They show us how to trust in Christ despite the storms of this life.

They help us continue towards our ultimate cross, that looms on the horizon all our lives. It’s unavoidable and required for eternal life. It’s time to lift high the Cross.


Constance T. Hull is a wife, mother, homeschooler, and a theologian. She writes the weblog Swimming in the Depths. Her previous article was The Blood, We Thought It Was Some Kind of Fluke.

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